If you are looking for a miracle or safe and effective diet pill or a magic wand to help you lose weight and inches, we have some bad news for you. Those things don’t exist and they likely never will.

If you’re overweight, you really only have a couple of options! You have to accept the way you are or, you must learn how to lose weight.

Certainly, losing weight can be difficult. However, the more you know about weight loss the easier your task becomes.

In the movie ‘Super Size Me’  Mr. Spurlock’s doctors tell him after just one month on the McDonald diet that his cholesterol has skyrocketed, his liver looks alcoholic and he must stop eating fast (fat) food immediately or risk serious and irreversible damage!

His quest is an example of what is happening across North America. Diet related disease is on the rise. We are hooked (addicted) on Fat and Sugar! Convenience has a very high price indeed.

The facts and warnings seem to be falling on deaf ears. Millions of cases of diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and many more health complications are the results of a fat and sugar-laden diet. Now the latest news is that today, our children are developing such metabolic abnormalities as insulin-resistant, type two diabetes and high blood pressure! The problem is enormous, the giant food and drug industries don’t care about health they only care about money and profits!

The simple fact is they don’t call it ‘junk food’ for nothing. It is very bad for our health and it even seems to make us stupid and blind to the truth.

Every person who wants to change their life, health and appearance should avoid the fat food stores – like the plague